Milk Means More Secret Winter Menu

Hot Chocolate & Warmers

Shhhhh…only share this site and these recipes with your true hot-chocolate-loving friends and family. The drinks on this secret menu are perfect for impressing guests at winter parties or for making a movie night at home more luxurious.

We’ve got spicy hot chocolate, boozy hot chocolate and fun, caffeine-free warmers. There’s even a hot chocolate recipe for your lactose-intolerant friends. And many of these can be made into low-sugar hot chocolate with the help of your favorite alternative sweetener. But the secret ingredient in every recipe (pssst…it’s milk) ensures you achieve the rich, wholesome taste you only get when you use the real stuff. You also receive the powerful nutrients milk is known for in each decadent sip.

Now, let’s learn how to make homemade hot chocolate and more!

Approved by the Michigan Dairy Market Program Committee.